What Separates a Great Real Estate Agent from the Rest of the Pack?

What Separates a Great Real Estate Agent from the Rest of the Pack?

What Separates a Great Real Estate Agent from the Rest of the PackMaking a move is a huge undertaking. Before you declutter or choose your dream neighbourhood, there is one important point you need to consider first – choosing the right real estate agent. It’s no secret that there are a lot of us. So, how in the world do you decide? Here are four characteristics of an excellent real estate agent:

A great agent has learned by experience.

Real estate is a crazy industry where the only constant thing is change. I love this aspect of my profession! Every day there is something new to learn. The economy, lending rates, oil price and so many other factors affect the way people buy and sell homes, which makes experience a valuable asset. It teaches a real estate agent to think one step ahead, anticipate challenges, and make the appropriate decisions from start to finish.

A great agent has an in-depth knowledge of the city and its neighbourhoods.

Although many people research on neighbourhoods before making a move, a Google search can only tell you so much. Working with a real estate agent who is committed provides buyers with firsthand information on significant details that are relevant to their daily lives. The same applies to sellers – an experienced local agent will help them market their property to suitable buyers for a quick and easy sale.

A great agent makes it personal.

When you find yourself riding the real estate rollercoaster, you want to be sure you are in good hands. The ideal agent is someone who understands you, listens to your wish list, and understands that big decisions can’t be made overnight. Whether your real estate agent is staying up late signing an offer back and forth for your dream home, or hiding your cat litter at lightning speed 5 minutes before an open house, this is one professional whose hard work won’t be easily forgotten.

A great agent puts your best interest ahead of everything else. Every real estate agent wants to make the transaction happen, but it’s not as simple as you may think. Buying or selling a home requires all kinds of decision-making, the right questions to be asked and satisfactory terms to be negotiated.  All will be done to help you move forward with confidence. This is how a great agent works – your welfare will always be put first.

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