What Do Buyers Look for in a New Neighbourhood?

What Do Buyers Look for in a New Neighbourhood?

What Do Buyers Look for in a New Neighbourhood?Calgary has so many great places to live, but there are certain areas that stand out from the rest.  Choosing the right neighbourhood is just as important as choosing the home itself.  The location of your new home has the most significant impact on your commute, your lifestyle, and the way you spend your free time.  Here’s what buyers are looking for in Calgary’s most desirable neighbourhoods:

A great location – Everyone knows that in real estate, location is everything.  The most desirable neighbourhoods are often close to downtown or within easy access to major highways.  If a neighbourhood is located on the outskirts of the city, buyers want to be sure that they can still find everything they need close to home.

Walkability – You may have noticed a recent change to the public MLS website.  Each listing now features a “walk score”.  What does this number mean?  A walk score is a number between 1 and 100 –  the lower numbers indicate a lack of nearby amenities, which suggests that homeowners in this area would require a vehicle.  A high score implies that residents in the area can rely on their own two feet to get basically everywhere they need to go.

Schools – Access to good quality education is one of the single most important factors for discerning home buyers.  In fact, a neighbourhood’s home values can increase dramatically if a nearby school begins performing exceptionally well.  In order to research school comparison data, check out the latest Fraser Institute Report Card.

Amenities – Each buyer has their own wish list.  Some enjoy living near walking trails and recreation.  Other people want to live close to shops, restaurants and nightlife.  The nearby amenities often shape the neighbourhood and determine the demographic of buyers that will gravitate towards the area.

General Upkeep – It doesn’t matter how beautifully updated a home is if the surrounding neighbourhood is in shambles.  Buyers want to be sure that they are moving into an area where people take pride in their homes.  If you are on the hunt for a new home, make it a priority to book a showing during the daylight hours so you can scope out the neighbourhood.

What does your ideal neighbourhood look like? Do you enjoy mature homes on a well-established street, or is your ideal home a modern build in an up-and-coming area? Fortunately, Calgary has no shortage of exceptional neighbourhoods to choose from.

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