Okotoks and Foothills County

I love Okotoks. The small town charm with the big town amenities close to city living is incomparable.
And the view! The Alberta Foothills as a backdrop to your day every time you leave the door, is breathtaking in every season.

I specialize in buying and selling homes in Okotoks and the surrounding area know as  Foothills County. 



Clients who buy in Okotoks are drawn to this community because:

• Okotoks is just far enough away from Calgary

• Okotoks has every shopping convenience you want in a small town: from Costco to local coffee houses

• Okotoks has a young and vibrant population and the facilities to keep them entertained

• There’s a nice mixture of people- some were born and grew up in Okotoks, others have moved from the big city- they all contribute to the friendly atmosphere

• Kananaskis is RIGHT THERE. But don’t tell everyone or I won’t be able to get into my favorite camp ground.

You can read more about why Okotoks is a good place to live here



If Okotoks has you curious as a buyer, I’d love to tell you more and share what your best options are for your wishlist. Whether you’re looking for a house  or your  first   apartment , I’m confident I can find you a new home. 

If you are selling in Okotoks, I can tap into my the highlights of this charming community best. I’m known for turning a quick sale.

If you’d like to ensure we are a fit, give me a call, text or email.