Enlisting the Help of an Experienced Real Estate Professional

Enlisting the Help of an Experienced Real Estate Professional

Enlisting the Help of an Experienced Real Estate Professional Selling a home is so much more than simply putting a sign on your lawn and waiting for the offers to roll in.  The sale of your home is a far more detailed process.  There’s the marketing, the negotiating, and of course, all the legalities that come along with it.  You rely on trusted professionals in many areas of your life, and the sale of your home should be no different.

Finding the right buyer starts with making your home stand out from the rest.  Staging is an important component of getting your home ready for the market.  It’s not for everyone, but it can truly make an average home look exceptional.  Buyers are spending more time than ever researching properties online.  For this reason, your listing’s online presence is a key part of your overall marketing plan.  Good quality, professional photographs and detailed descriptions lay the groundwork that leave potential buyers eager to see more.

So what happens after a few people have seen your home?  How do you know what your visitors thought?  Did they love your home and consider an offer, or is there something they noticed that’s making them shy away?  That’s another area where your REALTOR® can also make the difference.  Sometimes it’s tough to hear feedback, but you need to find out what buyers are thinking.  Following up with other agents who have viewed your home can offer a valuable perspective, or can even help to encourage them to bring in an offer.

Your REALTOR® comes to the table with a large professional network to help you each step of the way.  We are frequently in touch with other agents who may know about unique opportunities before anyone else.  Our relationships with mortgage brokers, home inspectors, stagers and real estate lawyers allow us to help you put your move in the hands of trusted professionals.  Making a move is too important to do on your own, which is all the more reason to leave it to the pros.

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