Do Open Houses Really Work?

Do Open Houses Really Work?

Do Open Houses Really Work Some people wonder if open houses hold the same power they did years ago…before the internet and digital communications became such a big part of our lives. Twenty years ago you couldn’t surf listings on your smartphone or learn walk scores and traffic patterns when scoping out new digs. The other question is whether open houses really only benefit the seller or are they just a tool for the agent to get more business?

As an experienced Real Estate Agent, I believe in the value of an open house and what they can do to propel a listing from selling to sold. Typically held on weekends, open houses are an opportunity to reach a large group of people at one time, rather than setting up individual appointments and constantly displacing the family living in the home.

For me, it’s very simple. Here are the two main reasons why every home on the market should be hosting an open house.

  1. The more visits a house gets, the faster it will sell. Period.

My job as your Real Estate Agent is to get your home to be seen by as many people as possible. This is not done simply by doing an online listing or an open house. I have to leverage the effectiveness of both tools to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. In addition, spending 2 hours in your house hosting the open house, allows me to notice features about your home that I might not have initially noticed.

A website listing on its own is not enough; it doesn’t engage a potential buyer and is quite a solitary method. Having an open house allows the Real Estate Agent to build relationships with potential buyers to learn whether they are serious or simply looking. A good Real Estate Agent will be able to differentiate between the two and focus their energy on the potential buyer rather than the tire kicker. An online listing that promotes your open house is the best of both worlds as it attracts the couch surfer buyer and the buyer who has to physically see the home.

  1. Buyers love open houses.

Without a doubt, buyers flock to open houses. Buying a home is a huge investment and most potential buyers take on the search with gusto…which means they will take hours out of their weekend to visit open houses in search of the perfect home. Open houses serve as a pivotal source for information in their home search.

Overall, an open house is a great technique to advertise your property, especially during the first few days on the market because it creates a buzz. That initial buzz is important when you first put your home on the market and can help to achieve a quick and seamless sale.

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