Real Estate Investing

  • RATE is a 4 Letter Word

    An oldie but a goodie. (Thanks to Jenn Widney from Financial Fundamentals for this advice) When someone asks me “What’s the best rate out there?” I just want to scream!  I mean really, before jumping into the RATE, at least buy me dinner! Seriously though, that is one of the toughest questions that any good […]

  • Should You Invest In Real Estate?

    Before I ventured into the world of real estate by becoming a realtor, I was a real estate investor first. My first dabble in real estate began as an investor, and over the years I never lost my passion for it. Right now, quite a bit of my business is in leasing and property management […]

  • Buying a Rental Property in Okotoks

    The steady upward price trend in our local real estate market has inspired many people to think about diversifying their investment portfolio. You don’t need to be a seasoned investor to make money in real estate. Many people simply buy and hold a few properties until they build up enough equity or decide they are […]

  • Learn to Live Financially Free!

    Whether renting or owning a home, budgeting and living within your means can be a challenge. There are so many temptations out there- vacations, cars, restaurants, shopping malls to name a few. If you’re ever wondered if you can  “have it all” without struggling with debt, you might want to drop by this free event […]