• How Much Time Should You Spend Viewing Homes?

    Figuring out how much time you should spend viewing properties for sale is a little like asking, “How long should I spend trying on shoes?” The answer seems obvious: As long as it takes to make a decision! After discussing your wants and needs we will head out and look at properties. Viewing online only […]

  • 4 Tips to Avoid Real Estate Regrets

    Buying a home is a huge, emotional decision that can be a difficult process for many buyers. For those buying a home for the first time, it can be especially hard because virgin buyers typically lose sight of the more important factors that should be a part of their decision making process. For that reason […]

  • Top Three Resolutions for Home Buyers and Sellers

    As we enjoy the holiday season there are a few resolutions that every potential home buyer and seller should have on their list. Take a look! Resolutions for Home Buyers 1. Get Your Financial House in Order The first resolution for any potential home buyer is to get their financial house in order. Prior to […]

  • Tips to Sell Your Home During The Holidays

    It may not be the most ideal time to sell your home, but doing it during the holidays may not be as bad as you suspect. Yes, during the spring and fall months, there will be an abundance of buyers but during the holiday season there is typically low inventory, which will work in your […]

  • Moving Up to Your Forever Home

    Moving to a new home is a huge, monumental life change. Its felt even more when you’re moving from a home you’ve live in and loved for years; a home where you have special memories and perhaps raised a family. All this can add to the stress of moving from the home that you loved, to […]

  • Should You Invest In Real Estate?

    Before I ventured into the world of real estate by becoming a realtor, I was a real estate investor first. My first dabble in real estate began as an investor, and over the years I never lost my passion for it. Right now, quite a bit of my business is in leasing and property management […]

  • What to Do When Preparing to Move

    If you have a move planned in the next few months, you’re probably overjoyed at the prospect of getting those keys and making your new house a home. We all know that moving isn’t fun but the end result is always worth the hassle. Today, I’ve prepared for you an easy to follow list of […]

  • How to Handle a Lowball Offer

    Most sellers are a little nervous with anticipation when their home is sitting on the market.  What are buyers thinking? Is someone interested?  Will an offer be coming in?  Then out of the blue, a buyer’s agent comes calling with a low ball offer.  Less than flattering valuations of your property are hard to take, […]

  • Is Condo Living Right For You?

    If you are thinking of making a move, or planning on buying your very first home, you have probably considered the possibility of condo ownership.  Over the last 10 years, condos have become an incredibly popular option in Calgary, and there is more to choose from than ever before.  In many cases, Calgary’s condos offer […]

  • First-Time Buyers are in the Driver’s Seat!

    It’s no secret that we had a slow start this year in the real estate market, but with change comes opportunity.  Inventory rose, prices stabilized, and most importantly, first-time home buyers took note. According to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), nearly half of the homes purchased over the last 24 months were […]