Tips to Sell Your Home During The Holidays

Tips to Sell Your Home During The Holidays

It may not be the most ideal time to sell your home, but doing it during the holidays may not be as bad as you suspect. Yes, during the spring and fall months, there will be an abundance of buyers but during the holiday season there is typically low inventory, which will work in your favour. Vacation time and less working hours makes it a great time to host open houses and you have an excuse to create a great cozy home with tasteful decorations. So if you are looking to sell your home during the holiday season, here are some tips to help you get through the process!

  1. Keep the Holiday Décor Minimal

During the holidays your home will fill up with decorations, presents and much more; but it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t create clutter or an uninviting environment. It will be hard to strike the right balance between cozy and crammed, but keeping the house tidy and lightly decorated will help in allowing potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home.

They will expect that there may be some decorations, but when they arrive they are trying to envision how they would spend their day-to-day lives in the home. They may be put off by a home that has too many decorations or personal items.

  1. Use the weather to your advantage

Doing anything during the winter months can be a hassle…trekking through the snow, driving in dangerous conditions…it’s not fun. So when house hunters come to visit your home create a great mood by presenting a home that is warm, cozy and a welcoming escape from the cold. Set the furnace to a slightly warmer level, or turn on the fireplace and offer a warm beverage. Buyers will be tempted to linger, which gives them even more of an opportunity to admire everything your home has to offer.

  1. Use the Holiday to your Advantage with Extra Curb Appeal

First and foremost, do not neglect the outside of your home because the snow is falling. That may mean you don’t have to worry about pruning shrubs or tending to flowers, but you still want buyers to be wowed by your home. Adding sparkling white lights and a few decorative items can set your home apart without looking like you’ve over staged it. On a side note, whether it’s the holidays or not, always keep walkways clear and salted and remove any debris. If your home looks run-down or neglected then buyers may not even make it out of their cars for a look.

  1. The Price is Right

Price is always a huge factor when selling your home, so pay particular attention to making sure that your home is priced right. There will be some buyers who have the time to wait until the spring when inventory is higher to purchase, and will overlook your home without a second thought if the price is not right.

Work with your real estate agent to set a fair price for your home and your neighborhood based on area comps.

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