How to prepare your home for selling using the “good better best” approach.

How to prepare your home for selling using the “good better best” approach.

During the cold Alberta winter months, I often get calls from sellers asking what they should be working on in order to prepare their house for selling in the Spring. Depending on the condition of the property, my advice may range from: the house needs decluttered and cleaned to “I think you should spend money on ______, your house will sell better and for more money”. Start with “good” then if you are motivated or have more time and energy add “better”. If you feel like renovating and spending money you might want to consider “best”. Best to call me before besting your efforts!

Utility Room/Storage Area

Good: Remove and dispose of  old decor such as  hardwood, paint, tile etc

Better: Organize boxes on shelves

Best : Go through boxes before stacking on shelves,  paint the floor


Living Room

Good: Declutter surfaces, remove unnecessary items such as books, DVDs

Better: Clean floors/shampoo carpet, stage with neutral decor

Best: Paint walls 



Good: Clear countertops, organize pantry and cabinets, clean appliances.

Better: Update hardware, such as cabinet handles and faucets; replace worn-out dish towels.

Best: Consider a minor kitchen renovation (new countertops, fresh paint for cabinets).


Dining Area

Good: Clean and declutter dining table, add a table runner or centerpiece.

Better: Consider staging with neutral decor, update lighting fixtures.

Best: Invest in a new dining set or replace worn-out chair covers, add tasteful artwork.



Good: Make beds and tidy up, remove personal items.

Better: Rearrange furniture for better flow, add neutral bedding.

Best: Consider professional staging, paint walls in neutral tones.



Good: Clean thoroughly, replace worn-out shower curtains and bath mats.

Better: Update light fixtures, add extra storage solutions.

Best: Consider a minor bathroom remodel (new vanity, fresh tiles, updated fixtures).


Home Office/den

Good: Clear clutter, organize paperwork and hide anything of personal nature.

Better: Invest in storage solutions, update office furniture.

Best: Consider staging the room as a flex space (guest room etc.).



Good: Clean windows inside and out, open curtains for natural light.

Better: Update or remove curtain rods and drapes, replace damaged hardware.

Best: Invest in energy-efficient windows.



Good: Declutter the entryway, empty closets, clean floors

Better: Add a welcoming touch with a decorative mirror or artwork, update lighting.

Best: Consider adding built-in storage, such as a coat rack or shelving.


General Repairs

Good: Fix minor issues, such as leaky faucets or loose cabinet handles.

Better: Patch and paint walls, fix any squeaky doors or floors.

Best: Hire a home inspector to do a pre possession inspection and address any deficiencies.


Exterior (Winter)

Good: Shovel sidewalk and driveway

Better: Remove ice

Best: Find summer photos for your agent to use


Before you get carried started, give me a call. I will help you determine what needs to be done to ensure a profitable sale.

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