2013 Okotoks Real Estate Market

2013 Okotoks Real Estate Market

Ever wondered what happened to house prices in Okotoks last year? Well here is a summary of house and condo prices as well as a break down by community. Market Study 2013 Okotoks

Couple of interesting tidbits of information: single family home sales increased in Q3 2013 to 169 sales from 154 in Q2 2013. This is the opposite of what happened in 2012 where Q2 sales were 173 and Q3 sales were 137. Based on the sales I was involved in, I believe many of these sales were to High River residents effected by the flood. (Even though sales were up, average price was down as many renters became first time home buyers). Cimarron remained the most popular community for single family home sales with 203 transactions and Crystal Shores was the most popular community for condo sales with 43 changing hands.

If you’re interested in a breakdown by month- here are the  Monthly stats as of the end of December.

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